On this occasion, I bring you the modeling of a laptop with two types of textures, one cleaner and flatter and the other one dirtier and […]


After a long break due to the holidays and the fact that I was doing a Zbrush course to expand my knowledge and be able to […]

Modeling a well v.2

Some time ago I modelled a well, at that time I didn’t know how to texturize or many other things so what better than taking models […]

Textured ottoman chair

I bring you the texturing of the “Ottoman Chair”, for this project I used Nodes, a very fast and useful way to apply materials and at […]

Textured practice

Since we are practicing UV mapping and textures in class, I did two simple models. It was fun and at the same time very hard because […]

Modeling of a wine glass

After learning materials and how to apply lights, I modified this glass that I made a long time ago by applying materials and liquid simulating the […]

Modeling Corvette C3 Coupe

Today I bring you the modelling of a car wheel that I am making, even if the wheel is not detailed as seen in the picture, […]

Modeling a wheel

I bring you the modelling of a well, something simple but later I will apply some textures and add new things.  

Modeling of a door sci-fi

In this occasion I bring you the modelling of a SCI FI door. It will be included in my scenario (project in which I am working), […]