Modeling of a wine glass

After learning materials and how to apply lights, I modified this glass that I made a long time ago by applying materials and liquid simulating the […]

Exterior Lighting Practice

Hello!! This time I bring you some pictures that I was working on trying to improve my abilities with the exterior lighting using SkyDome Light and […]

Practicing Lighting

Hello!! I am about to finish the Light chapter in class, after various attempts I bring you an object representing the bust AJAX with two AreaLight […]

Challenge 1

Hello Again! During my pause, I finished the modelling chapter of my master and we started with compositions and lights a very interesting topic I may […]

Modeling Corvette C3 Coupe

Today I bring you the modelling of a car wheel that I am making, even if the wheel is not detailed as seen in the picture, […]

Modeling a wheel

I bring you the modelling of a well, something simple but later I will apply some textures and add new things.  

Modeling of a door sci-fi

In this occasion I bring you the modelling of a SCI FI door. It will be included in my scenario (project in which I am working), […]

Modeling a pit v.1

 I bring you the modeling of a well, something simple but later i will texturize and add new things.

Modeling a clock by subdivison

As an exercise in class, I bring you a clock modelled by subdivision, soon I will publish more things. Hope you like it.