Modeling a subway new york

Today I present you the modelling of a New York subway entrance, applying tools such as the mirror that make the work easier since it allows […]

Modeling of ghostbuster trap

Today I present you the modelling of a ghostbuster trap using a reference image and applying what I have learned to it.  

Modeling a Tie Fighter

After learning new techniques, today I bring you the model of a Star Wars movie spacecraft, the Tie Fighter, for this modeling apply the techniques learned […]

Modeling a lightsaber

Well, as usual, here I leave you another modeling, this time of a lightsaber, the first image, is a reference. although my model it’s not perfect […]

Modeling a radio

In this image, I model a radio, with the help of Image plan, learned in class on Friday, a very interesting option when it comes to […]

Modeling a lighthouse

Today I bring you the modeling of a lighthouse that I made yesterday, in class they taught us new tools that allowed me to complete the […]

Practicando nuevas herramientas

Buenas!!! En esta imagen, pongo en practica las nuevas herramientas de Vertex, Edges y Faces, con lo ya aprendido anteriormente, también practicando atajos de teclado para […]

Primera Practica (Pivots y Grupos)

Buenas!!! En esta practica tratamos los grupos y los pivots, para ello cree un muñeco con primitivas y en cada articulación (codo, rodillas, muñecas…) añadí pivots, de esta manera […]